Let’s begin the adventure!

Dear ElementalCraft players!

We have opened our server!
Here in this post we put everything out in front of you.

What is the last airbender?

Well, our server is based on so the films and books of “avatar”. So you can pvpen on our server at the water masters … or you prefer to fight against the fire more workers? Well! You can also control an element! Capture cities, build large villages and secure it! The adventure awaits you!

Our website,

The website is currently still in full motion! Here you will get to know more about you soon!


Yes Yes! Shortly inside it is possible to donate for the ultimate minecraft avatar experience! Do moves that others can not, become boss of a large faction, you name it! In short, it’s getting great!

Shortly inside there is more explanation!
Have a great day and hopefully soon in the server!

Kind regards,
The Elemental Craft team

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